Selected Client Work
Chiller Replacement and Power Reductions
Oceanside Place
Polar Engineering was the engineer of record for the low charge chiller upgrade at Oceanside Place in 2019. This design reduced the operating ammonia charge of Oceanside Place by over 60% and reduced Oceanside Place’s refrigeration operating costs by 15% by utilizing floating head condenser optimization.
Ice Hockey Arena for Polar Engineering
CO2 Cooling System
Canadian National Research Council (NRC)

Working with the National Research Council for the TMT telescope in Hawaii. Polar Engineering designed a vibration and oil free CO2 cooling system for sensitive electronics.  This system was designed to minimize vibration while providing reliable cooling for over 50 independent cooling loads. This system will allow the TMT telescope to explore the universe.

National Research Council of Canada logo for Polar Engineering
vibration and oil free CO2 cooling system for sensitive electronics for Polar Engineering
Energy and Heat Recovery for swimming pool at Recreation Center for Polar Engineering
Energy Recovery Project
Oak Bay

Working for the City of Oak Bay, Polar Engineering designed a high temperature heat pump which provided over 60% of the heat for their pool, arena dehumidifier, and building domestic hot water.   

This system drastically reduced the facility’s greenhouse gas emissions. Please see the graph detailing 2018 gas consumption in gray and 2019 reduced gas consumption due to the energy recovery system in blue. 

Please note, the energy recovery system was turned on halfway through March.

CO2 Cooling System
GMTO Telescope

Polar Engineering worked with GMTO to design an oil-free CO2 refrigeration system designed to cool both the primary and secondary mirrors. This DX CO2 system was uniquely designed to minimize vibration, while operating without oil to ensure that refrigerant leaks did not affect the telescope operation.

Mirror cooling system - GMTO Telescope - Polar Engineering

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