Why Us


Simply put

We love designing industrial refrigeration and energy recovery systems.

We use this passion for engineering and design to develop innovative and effective custom solutions for each of our clients. At Polar, we understand that the best refrigeration systems are functional, safe, cost-effective, and energy efficient.

Our Vision

Before we begin work on any project, we take the time to fully understand the expressed needs of the client, as well as the unique constraints that the refrigeration system will be subject to. This allows us to perform a preliminary analysis to determine whether ammonia, C02, or Freon will provide the most effective solution for your specific needs. 

We then work with you to compare the various advantages and disadvantages of each system, including initial costs, operating costs, and maintenance costs, ensuring that the chosen system aligns with your unique priorities

We design your system for

 Armed with this information, we set out to design a system which meets or exceeds each one of your expectations. We design each of our industrial refrigeration systems with energy efficiency as a top priority. By utilizing high quality components and best-in-class control strategies, our systems minimize operating costs and payback periods, leaving more money in your pocket. 

Our extensive experience in energy recovery also allows us to utilize waste heat from your refrigeration system to meet the heating demands of your facility, leading to monetary savings for years to come.

Polar Engineering has also partnered with Technical Safety BC (TSBC) and the Ammonia Safety Training Institute (ASTI), allowing us to design each refrigeration system to the most rigorous of safety standards. 

This also allows us to provide extensive safety training to your facility’s staff and refrigeration operators, ensuring that each of your team members is thoroughly prepared in the unlikely event of a refrigerant leak.

Who we work with

About Us

Polar Engineering is a comprehensive engineering, design, project management, and commissioning engineering consulting firm. At Polar we focus on engineering refrigeration systems based on our client’s needs to save energy and deliver a great product for a reasonable capital cost.

Our clients are made up of industrial food processing facilities, hockey arenas, curling clubs, large buildings such as hospitals, and developments which employ district energy systems. Where possible, Polar enjoys helping our clients to lead the way by guiding our clients to choose refrigerants which are future proof (ask us about this) and reducing their carbon footprint through fossil fuel reduction programs by implementing heat pumps.


Energy Recovery Dashboard for Polar Engineering
track and show the public what we are doing
Looking to show off your facility?

Polar Engineering has  developed an energy recovery analysis dashboard specifically designed for facilities who want to display their energy savings. This dashboard will take information from the energy recovery refrigeration system controls system, and calculate both the instantaneous and to-date energy savings using Polar’s algorithms.  

Looking to show off your facility?


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Received the RFABC associates award for outstanding service to RFABC

Received Scott Plastics and Ike Barker awards for outstanding achievements in Mechanical Engineering

Received the Don W. Bell award for the Western North America YEA from ASHRAE


Principal Engineer

Ian Welle

P. Eng
  • Designed, project managed, and commissioned industrial refrigeration systems on four different continents
  • Is actively involved with TSBC and WSBC to help build a sustainable and safe refrigeration industry in Canada
  • Graduated from the University of Victoria with an A average in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in thermodynamics
  • Graduated from Camosun College with an A+ average in Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Started and ran programs for Victoria’s homeless population for over 10 years. 
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