Industrial Refrigeration

We do the following work:

· Engineering refrigeration design calculations
· System energy trade-off calculations
· Engineering P&ID
· Integrated 3D drawings
· Construction specifications
· Plant commissioning
· Tender review and contractor recommendations
· Project management
· As-built mechanical drawings
· A one-year energy and plant audit 
· Mechanical room emergency exhaust HVAC design

Industrial Refrigeration

At Polar, we realize that our industrial refrigeration clients want to operate a cold storage warehouse or food processing plant which operates efficiently and cost effectively. We also know that our industrial clients require a refrigerant system to operate with zero downtime.

For these reasons, we engineer large industrial plants which require minimal operation and maintenance. Working with our clients, we also balance first costs with energy efficiency to ensure the long term success of our clients. After all, we firmly believe that our clients’ success leads to our success. Please contact us for more information on industrial refrigeration and the different options we have. 

Industrial Refrigeration | Cold storage warehouse or food processing plant, Frozen Fish and Frozen berries | Polar Engineering |
we can complete the following work:
  • Feasibility studies
  • Drawings and cost estimates
  • Detailing engineering
  • Piping design registration
  • Project management
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Safety training and ammonia evacuation procedures
  • Plant optimization and problem solving

CO2 Refrigeration

To start in front of the CO2 design curve, Polar engineers undertook courses in Europe, the leaders in CO2, to ensure we could provide our clients with great designs and advice regarding CO2 refrigeration systems. Since taking this course we have further honed our expertise by engineering CO2 refrigeration systems in Canada, the USA, and South America.

  • Do you want to use CO2 because of it’s low global warming potential
  • Do you want to reduce your operator requirements? 
  • Does your facility allow for two stage heat recovery? 
  • Are you in a cold enough climate to allow CO2 to operate energy efficiently?
Curling Club ice Polar Engineering

Curling Clubs

At Polar we understand that curling clubs are unique and require different design methodologies than other refrigeration systems. This is due to different curling club user groups, fiscal constraints, and operating conditions.

Using our experience designing and project managing curling clubs across North America, we work with our clients to ensure the right refrigeration system is installed. 

we recommend that our clients consider the following items:

· Do you want your curling club  to use refrigeration operators?
· Do you want to install a concrete floor or save money by installing a sand floor?
· Is energy recovery right for you?

· What is the best temperature to keep your club at?
· Do you want to install an ammonia or Freon refrigeration plant?
· If you have any questions about the items above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Green Energy System for Polar Engineering

Hockey Arenas

At Polar Engineering we understand that personnel and energy costs can be two of the largest constraints when operating an ice arena. To reduce these costs we always look at implementing energy recovery through our high temperature heat pumps which reduce our client’s operating costs, while also drastically reducing our client’s carbon footprint through greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

Ask us about our high temperature heat pumps! Solutions like these has been implemented to save our clients over $100,000 a year in operating costs.

To do this we can complete the following work:

· Energy recovery to reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions
· High temperature heat pumps with direct boiler integration
· Energy efficient compressor upgrades

· Design client & community-specific refrigeration systems
· Refrigeration plant energy efficient improvements such as low condensing
· Ultra low charge ammonia for improved safety
· Operator-free refrigeration systems