Polar prides ourselves on engineering dynamic and environmentally sustainable refrigeration systems that provide world class ice hockey and figure staking conditions.

Polar understands and enjoys working with our clients to facilitate great curling games by providing precise ice and ambient conditions. Hurry Hard!

Every year Polar works with our clients to secure millions of dollars in grants for equipment upgrades and GHG reduction projects. 

Polar Engineering is well known in the industry for our experience in arenas, curling clubs, and recreation centers.

With this knowledge, we are able to develop custom refrigeration solutions which employ best-in-class control strategies to minimize electrical consumption. 

Our refrigeration systems also utilize state of the art energy recovery measures which drastically reduce our clients natural gas and electricity consumption. This allows our clients to enjoy high quality ice year-round while minimizing operating costs and payback periods.

Polar Engineering provides a range of services which allow you to ensure that your facility’s refrigeration system is operating safely and efficiently.

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Energy Recovery Hockey Arena - Polar Engineering

Ice Arenas

Working closely with industry leading specialists, Polar has designed over 10 refrigerated floors and over 50 arena refrigeration systems, allowing us to provide each of our clients with superior quality ice for many years to come.

Green Energy System for Polar Engineering
Curling Club ice Polar Engineering

Curling Clubs

Curling clubs require different design methodologies than other refrigeration systems. We will work with you to fully understand your club’s user groups, fiscal constraints, operating constraints, and desired operating conditions, allowing us to provide the best possible solution for your club.

Using our experience designing and project managing curling clubs across North America, we work with our clients to ensure the right refrigeration system is installed. 

We recommend that our clients consider the following:


As energy, maintenance, and personnel costs increase year after year, the most cost-effective way of reducing a recreation facility’s operating costs is through energy efficiency upgrades and greenhouse gas reductions. Polar understands these upgrades can be very expensive and therefore works with our clients to secure millions of dollars in grants every year. 

Furthermore, Polar understands everyone is busy and therefore enjoys helping our clients by taking care of the entire grant process include grant research, grant writing, engineering calculations, and project implementation.  Please feel free to get into contact with our grant division to discuss if there are any grants that could be used for a project at your facility.  

Curious how working with Polar Engineering can help with Recreation and Grants?