Safety and Grants

Grant Applications

The initial capital investment for green technology can be high. Polar secures millions of dollars in grants every year, enabling our clients to upgrade their equipment.

Ammonia One Plan

Polar is proud to be an associate of ASTI. Working with ASTI, Polar will ensure your ammonia safety plans are comprehensive and will protect you and your personnel.

Energy Audits

Operating budgets are tighter than ever. To help with this, Polar utilizes government grant funding to analyze your systems and recommend cost effective ways of reducing your energy consumption to lower your operating costs.

Maintenance Manuals

Just like our cars, constant maintenance is very important for a refrigeration system. Polar’s maintenance manuals and training ensure our clients are taking care of the millions of dollars invested in their refrigeration systems.

A neglected refrigeration system can lead to equipment damage, business interruption, injuries, lawsuits, or even fatalities.

Failure to maintain compliance with all health and safety regulations can also lead to costly fines and potential criminal liability. The unfortunate events that transpired in Fernie, BC in October 2017 are a prime example of how an aging refrigeration system and inadequate emergency preparedness can lead to disastrous consequences. 

Polar Engineering provides a range of services which allow you to ensure that your facility’s refrigeration system is operating safely and efficiently.

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Grant Applications

Polar Engineering has long established working relationships with multiple grant organizations throughout Canada, including Clean BC and Fortis. This allows us to provide our clients with up-to-date information on grant funding that is available for every type of project.

Our experience working with these organizations has allowed us to create effective grant applications for our clients, tailored specifically to the unique requirements of each grant. Whether it is a new build, an upgrade, or a retrofit project, Polar will maximize your chance of being awarded grant funding, allowing you to offset up to 100% of your project’s costs.


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Use a Polar Ammonia One Plan to give you a head start, allowing you to rectify issues before an incident occurs, saving time, money, and headaches.

Ammonia One Plan

Polar Engineering works as an associate of the Ammonia Safety Training Institute (ASTI) to ensure you can feel confident that your ammonia emergency plans can effectively protect your people and patrons.

Polar does this by completing a detailed audit of your existing ammonia emergency plans, and then works with you and local first responders to create a detailed Ammonia One Plan. This plan will help you answer questions such as “when should we shelter in place?”, “what roles do local staff play in an ammonia leak, and what roles do first responders play?”, and “how can I reopen my facility after an ammonia leak?”. 

In short, Polar partners with you to ensure you can be confident that you are providing a safe space for your employees, clients and the public.

We also provide extensive safety training to your facility’s staff and refrigeration operators. This ensures that everyone knows their responsibilities in the case of an emergency and is thoroughly prepared to carry out their specific tasks when they are required most.

A clear plan is essential to ensure that your clients, staff, and the public remain safe during an ammonia emergency.


Energy Audits

Energy consumption is an important consideration for any company, both for operating costs and environmental impact. Polar Engineering uses government grants, which pay for up to 75% of the energy audit, to perform a comprehensive site visit where site information and critical operating parameters are recorded.

Using this data, a detailed energy consumption profile of your facility is developed, allowing us to determine inefficiencies and potential energy savings measures which can be implemented throughout your facility. We will then work with you to develop effective energy management strategies, reducing your facility’s natural gas and electricity consumption, leaving more money in your pocket.

Last off, Polar will then help our clients secure grants to pay for a large portion of the project.

By following the Polar maintenance plan, you can be assured that your refrigeration plant is running as smoothly, efficiently, and safely as possible.

Maintenance Manuals

Like any mechanical system, industrial refrigeration systems require diligent maintenance to ensure they are running properly and efficiently. 

For many facilities, insufficient maintenance planning, inadequate documentation, and employee turnover can make it difficult to ensure maintenance tasks are being performed properly and on-schedule. This can lead to inefficient plant operation, safety risks, costly repairs, fines, and increased refrigeration system downtime. 

Polar engineering can work alongside your staff to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan.

This maintenance plan will include:

Curious how working with Polar Engineering can help with safety and grants?