What we do

We focus  on working with our clients to determine present and future needsUsing these needs as our design objectives, we engineer and project manage the installation of a refrigeration system which will keep berries cold, ice arenas frozen, and district energy systems hot all year round.

Industrial Refrigeration​

Polar Engineering uses our experience in industrial refrigeration to design and project manage large natural and hydrocarbon refrigeration systems. To do this we balance first costs with maintenance and refrigeration system capacity. By working with the client from the conceptual design phase through the plant commissioning and a one year system check up, we ensure our client’s systems operate per the original design specification, delivering products reliably at the right conditions.


No matter what type of refrigeration system you have or are thinking about building, it has the ability to provide you with a large amount of free energy, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. For example, the average single NHL ice surface can provide enough energy to heat over 40 houses in the dead of winter. This translates into tens of thousands of dollars in utility savings per year.